Triple A Radio   


Many view Triple A radio as the heir to the free-form album-oriented radio that evolved on the FM dial in the 1970s--a time when disc jockeys were content editors and taste makers who exposed listeners to new music and did not confine themselves to record company sanctioned “singles.”  As any radio listener today is all too aware, this breed is nearly extinct.  But there do still exist stations who evaluate records based primarily on their artistic merit and who pay more attention to their listeners than to corporate owners or spin charts. 

Triple A radio attracts intelligent, curious, active listeners who enjoy being engaged by a station that will expand their tastes and musical knowledge.  As such, it is the natural home for new music and independent artists.

Some of the most prominent purveyors of this format include KCRW, KEXP, The Current [KCMP], KUTX, WXPN, WFUV and WFPK.